Thursday, February 15, 2007


I am looking into putting my blog onto our family's website,, since blogger is trying to move me to a Google account, which I'm not sure I want to do. I may not be able to get back on here to forward you to my new place, so if you don't hear from me for awhile, look on our website to see if the new page is up and ready.

Meanwhile, here are a few thoughts for you:

Vision Forum sent out an e-mail today which has pricked my thoughts on a matter I have already been thinking about.

You see, our children need more than doctrine. They need more than teaching on how to live the Christian life. They need more than teaching on what to do and what not to do. They need a vision for WHY to do the right thing. They need to see the blessing that comes from doing right.

Anna Sofia Botkin is the co-author of the book, So Much More, a book dedicated to imparting to young ladies a vision for noble womanhood. In her speech entitiled “The Thirteenth Year,” she had these things to say about living in this generation:

The women of our generation have forgotten how to be women and how to be mothers. Some of the most important lessons we learned about womanhood this year, we learned together on the Faith and Freedom tour of Plymouth this past Fall. I learned that the current women of America are not just lesser women than their pilgrim mothers, they are the perfect opposites of their pilgrim mothers.
Where they used to be strong, now they are weak. Where they used to be models of sturdy virtue, they now are examples of flimsy immorality. Where they used to understand the importance of children and selflessly sacrifice for them, now they murder them in the womb as a sacrifice to their own selfishness. And the majority of Christians nod their heads in approval. This is your generation, and mine.
As evil as this generation is, many thirteen-year-old girls feel an uncanny attraction to it, and a desire to be approved of by it. I know I did. Our generation is out to get us, with their glossy magazines, TV shows — every medium of communication they have — they have used to ensnare thirteen-year-old girls….
In this stormy generation which will try to shipwreck you, God has given you two wonderful gifts. Two things will help you keep your heart pure and enable you to see evil with the Lord’s eyes:
1. Intimacy with God and His Word and His Law. Immerse yourself in the Scriptures and pray that God will give you purity and wisdom.
2. Intimacy with your parents. A spirit of gratitude and honor for your parents will guard your heart and could preserve your life. I cannot stress this enough.
….The duty of all second-generation Christians is to stand on their parents’ shoulders and succeed them; to go further and conquer new ground — to make new biblical discoveries, to reach greater heights of theological precision, to root out even more worldliness of thinking and living, to have more obedient Christian families, and to extend Christ’s dominion into every nation. And this will leave plenty for our children to do, and even our great-great-grandchildren.
We first generation Christians have forged a path for our young ones to follow – now they must take the baton and carry it even further.
I seek to impart to my children the necessity and blessing of serving God. Personally, I’m not really sure the best way to go about it, but I’ve been asking God for wisdom, guidance, and strength to do what I need to do to see the next generation fervently serving our Lord!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Standing Proudly By Her Man

Looking for parts for a generator for our bus, we drove today to Houston to a diesel engine dealer. My husband had found a deal on an engine he hopes to make into a diesel generator on Ebay, and wanted to come down to test it before buying.

Deep down in the shadow of the Houston skyscrapers, we drove past a homeless man pushing a grocery cart laden with bags down the middle of the street as we wound our way to the man’s business. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by a friendly young man in his late 20’s, who eagerly showed us around his large but dirty shop, proudly showing his many diesel engines, parts, and things that most would call junk. Within moments, my guys were embroiled in a technical conversation about various what-nots to be found laying around on the property.

The owner of this business was the most interesting person to talk to. He had been a software engineer until about a year ago, when he decided to combine his dream of starting his own business with his love of mechanics. Being the visionary that he is, he bought this huge empty warehouse, made a section of it into an apartment for him and his young wife, and began dealing in various forms of diesel motors.

Of course, at sometime during the bargaining process, my little boy developed quite a need for the bathroom. Thankfully, the bathroom available was not just a “workers’ bathroom,” if you know what I mean, but it was thankfully in the man’s apartment. I was definitely curious to see if I could talk to his wife for a few minutes.

Though she was 8 months pregnant with their first child and had to extricate herself from the comfy sofa, his wife was happy to let us come into her home. “Oh, come in!” she said. I sheepishly thanked her for letting us come use her facilities, and quickly directed my little ones to the necessary room.

When we went out, I quickly glanced around, taking in the sparseness of the apartment. It was pretty cold, too, and it had a huge ceiling that was letting out gobs of warm air. The kitchen had the bare essentials, and the sofa looked a bit lonely in the living area.

It occurred to me that most women would not put up with such a “crazy” career change, especially if it meant a bit of “biting the bullet. But this young lady was not only flexable about her surroundings, but seemed to enjoy them. She was content with what her man was doing. After talking with her a little, I discovered that she had left all her family in Mexico to come to America. She had a pioneer spirit – willing to take some hardships in order to accomplish a goal. She is content and happy to stand by her man while he steps out to follow his dream. She knows she cannot fit her husband into her mold. She wisely gets behind him as he leads the family into unknown territory.

She is the driving force behind his dreams.

As the wife of a visionary, I can spot another visionary husband from a mile away. I also can easily sense irritation and resentment in his wife. I know what is going on in her mind, since I have been down the same path. I have discovered in my brief time of marriage that my man may have some “strange” ideas, and may not do things the way other men do, but God has made him to be different. God has made the visionaries to me the movers and shakers of the world. And when he lights upon success, the supportive wife can stand smiling beside her husband while others hail his ingenuity. The wife who desires to put her visionary man into another mold may find herself alone before he meets with success.

This dear woman was standing by her visionary husband, even though it meant living in unusual situations.

Stand by your man, young lady, and you will someday be proudly standing by him when he is one of the most successful businessmen in Houston.