Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sorry I’ve kept everyone in suspense for so long. I finally decided to get a Google account, and then we got really busy with the bus.

It has been tremendously difficult to figure out how to school, etc., in the bus. Because we have no table, I have to figure out another way to put out manipulatives, large textbooks, etc. Anyway, I am still tweaking the morning routine in order to get a whole school day in before 3:30 pm.

In addition, we had our bus painted. A fella in a church in Missouri who owns a paint shop offered to professionally paint the bus for us, if we paid for the paint and did all the preparation. In the process, we killed about a week of time, made a really big mess, and ended up with a very nicely painted cream colored bus. It is so shiny and sleek!

Soon the guys will go to Australia. I will really miss them, but I try not to think of it much for now. I just want to enjoy the time with them while I have them.

I’ll try not to make it too long until I write again!