Saturday, August 29, 2009

Illustrator/Artist Wanted!

Are you a budding artist who would like to have your artwork in print? Do you know someone who has a lot of talent, but doesn't have an outlet? I may have an opportunity for you!

I need an illustrator for a children's book, which I will probably self-publish. I would like to have a born-again Christian who is willing to serve the Lord with their talent, seeking to be a blessing to parents and children alike. I would prefer someone from an Independent, fundamental Baptist church, who would better understand the principles I am trying to illustrate. Most likely, there will not be much money in this, but purely an opportunity to be an encouragement through the media of the printed page.

That being said, I need someone who can draw, and perhaps use watercolors, to portray both people and scenery. My desire is to produce something of high quality at a low cost, so I would like to have an illustrator who has a good feel for the story and can put into pictures what I have tried to portray with words.

As for pay, that can be worked out as we go. I will consider both buying the pictures outright as well as royalties (though not both at the same time!).

If you know someone who wishes to serve the Lord with their artistic talent , please pray about it, and let me know!

And if all else fails, I may try to illustrate it myself...but we wouldn't want that to happen!!! :)