The Umbrella Story

The Umbrella Story, my first published book, is an illustrated children's allegory. It was published in 2010 and has been selling in churches all across the country!

The Umbrella Story

by Lisa Raub
illustrated by Yuriy Yeremenko

God has established the authorities in our lives to be a continual guide, help, and protection to us as we live on this earth. I think of them as our Umbrella of Protection. As we submit ourselves to our authorities, we are protected from many of Satan’s fiery darts, but if we go out from under our Umbrella of Protection, we become exposed to many dangers. Those who have learned this principle find safety and guidance as they stay under the powers that be, which are ordained of God.

Sometimes, however, we learn that our authorities are not perfect. This is like a hole in our umbrella, allowing danger in our lives. How can we patch up the hole? Why does it seem to take so long for God to fix the problem? This parable will help readers of all ages to understand the answers.

Paperback, for all ages.

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