Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Question About Blanket Training

Hi, I have a friend who is dying to know about this blanket training thing. I just want to see if you have anything to add to the way I described it to her:

"I watched Lisa train her one year old (he's now 3) to play on the blanket. She just put him on the blanket with some toys and she sat near him (off the blanket), holding a wooden spoon. She tapped/hit all around the edges of the blanket with the spoon. He just looked at her-it was funny. Then, she said, "Are you having fun on the blanket? Jason is playing on the blanket" very calmly and and happily. Of course, when he did the inevitable, put his hand outside the blanket she gently tapped his hand and said, "stay on the blanket". She only left him there for very short time and then did it for about 5 minutes the next day and so on. She said the older they are the faster/better they learn it, but every child is different, probably. Hope it works well for you. Again, she didn't even hurt his little hand, just basically touched it with the spoon to get the point across. I'm sure you could use a thump with your hand if you didn't want to use the rod. "



I had a whole booklet written on the subject of blanket training, but it's been so long ago, it got lost in some other hard drive crash and the hard copy disappeared with one of our many moves. Ugh! It goes into great detail on the why's and how's, but...

Much could be written on the subject. I think you described it in a nutshell, though. Little children find it very amusing to see me tapping the spoon around the edges of the blanket. They think it is a game at first, and, really it sort of is. They are very surprised when they first put a hand off the blanket and receive a little swat with the spoon. But with patience, perserverence, and brief training periods, even a very young child can learn to willingly stay on the blanket.

This is very helpful for times when you just need junior to stay put for a bit. I practiced during daily family devotions, so when we needed to stand up in a church and sing, the child would sit contentedly on his blanket. It's really very effective, or at least it was with my little ones *until* they figured out how to slide the whole blanket across the floor! Well, then we had to change tactics a bit...

Hope this helps. I sure have enjoyed answering. Makes me feel like I know something. :)

Friday, November 24, 2006

Tea Time

For just a few moments, time stands still. I an no longer the busy mother – I become Lady Elizabeth, and my tea companions are no longer my little girls – they become the most lovely acquaintances to converse with: Lady Pricilla, Princess Mae, and Lady Esther.

For just a few moments, we have the most elegant tea, surrounded by the finest things to be seen. We exchange news of our travels; one has traveled to Washington and England, another across the Great Sea to a new, strange land, and another to Michigan, to visit a Queen and her friends. We discuss the wonders of this modern era: the new steam engine and the telephone.

For just a few moments, we use the best of manners, and give each other the most lavish gifts – hand-woven silk handkerchiefs from India, the most exquisite hand-painted miniature tea cups, and the finest Egyptian parchment. We have the grandest of times. We tell stories, laugh at old jokes, and revel in each other’s captivating company.

For just a few moments, I lay aside my responsibilities, and become my girls’ best friend.

Because I know that childhood is only…for just a few moments

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Learning to Lean

The Lord has been so good to me, but I am realizing, as I reflect on this year, that some of the best things that have happened to me have been the most difficult ones. And the reason they are the best things, is because they have caused me to lean on the Lord more than before.

This past year, I lost my wonderful mother. It was the hardest thing I have ever gone through, to hold her hand as she was slipping out of this world, and realize that these were the hands that fed me, dressed me, and held me, like I do now to my little ones. These hands and this dear person would not be here any more to talk to, to be with, to laugh with, to ask questions of, or to share little tidbits about the kids with. Those days are gone, they are over.

But I am learning to lean more on the Lord. When my oldest daughter got married, it was a wonderful time, but a very difficult one for me, since I missed my own mother so much. She was so much looking forward to that wedding. She was supposed to be there! But, the Lord was still there, though my mom was not. I can ask Him questions, tell Him my troubles, and seek Him for guidance.

The Lord has allowed me to go through this, and grow through this. I am very thankful
for His presence and His wisdom!

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Blessing of the Lord

I thought I’d let you soak on the good news for awhile before I went on with some deep subjects.

The Lord has been good to me, in allowing me to make some nice savings on groceries. I did some internet searching, and found, a place which will match local sales with local coupons. I tried the trial subscription, and found that I saved about $44.00 in coupons in just the first week! This is my fouth week now, and I saved $43.04 in coupons! I’ve been averaging in the upper $40’s and last week, actually hit the $50.00 mark! I know that’s not big time like some folks, but it is a real blessing to me.

I’ve been paying less, and bringing home more. By maxing the savings, my pantries are slowly getting more and more full. I used to go shopping every week at Walmart, and spend about $150.00 every week, take it home, and have it all consumed within the next week! Then I’d go to the store again, and do it all over, only to have it eaten up by the next week. (That’s not difficult when you have 7 children at home, 3 of them teens, to feed.) Well, now, I’m spending approximately $20-30 less, and slowly building up my reserves, so that in time of need I’ll have something to make.

I also desire to have enough to feed soldiers who come for dinner on Sundays, without feeling like I’m sacrificing a lot. I have enough ketchup now, that if a guys comes who likes ketchup on everything, it’s not going to make any difference. What a blessing this has been to me!

It has also been a lot of fun, going through the store and seeing what I can find cheaply. As I heard someone say before, it can be very addicting.

“The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and He addeth not sorrow to it.”

P.S. I hadn't thought of it before now, but if you sign on to and you tell them I recommended you, I can get some free weeks!

Sunday, November 5, 2006


What a wonderful word. It just speaks of kindness, gentleness, patience, and love. It is smelling flowers, walking in windy fields, and wiping chubby hands. It is one of the highest honors to be bestowed on a human being in this life. To be a mother is to be the recipient of the greatest blessing of God known to mankind, and yet, it is the highest responsibility known to man, or woman for that matter.


How wonderful is the word.

But wait! Could there be something more wonderful?? I’ve heard, maybe. I guess I’ll find out soon enough – I’m going to become a grandmother!

My sweet daughter and her husband found out that they have been blessed with a baby, which is due sometime next year, probably in July! Praise be to our Wonderful Lord!

Could there be something more wonderful, yet more sobering, than motherhood?


Congratulations, Kathryn and Matthew, my beloved children! May God’s richest blessings be upon you, and if you have children half as good to you as you are to me, you will be blessed beyond all measure!

Friday, November 3, 2006

Thinking, and Seeking, and Praying...

Lately I’ve been listening to a sermon by Dr. S.M. Davis on “Passing Your Values Onto Your Children.” I say, I’ve been listening to it, because I listen to messages dealing with homemaking and child training while I am in the bathroom getting ready for my shower, and after I get out. It takes time, maybe a week or so, but I at least get to listen to something that can impact my life during those brief moments in a day which could be wasted.

Anyway, the message has really been getting me thinking. Dr. Davis deals with the importance of leading our children to understand the “why’s” of life. I feel there is a real lesson for me in there somewhere, dealing with the things I’ve been thinking about lately, and hence, writing about.

I've been seeking the Lord, and asking Him for wisdom in this area. I feel this is an extremely important issue for today. When I solidify my thinking a bit more in this area, I will pass along what I am learning. Hopefully, it can be a blessing to all of us!