Friday, November 24, 2006

Tea Time

For just a few moments, time stands still. I an no longer the busy mother – I become Lady Elizabeth, and my tea companions are no longer my little girls – they become the most lovely acquaintances to converse with: Lady Pricilla, Princess Mae, and Lady Esther.

For just a few moments, we have the most elegant tea, surrounded by the finest things to be seen. We exchange news of our travels; one has traveled to Washington and England, another across the Great Sea to a new, strange land, and another to Michigan, to visit a Queen and her friends. We discuss the wonders of this modern era: the new steam engine and the telephone.

For just a few moments, we use the best of manners, and give each other the most lavish gifts – hand-woven silk handkerchiefs from India, the most exquisite hand-painted miniature tea cups, and the finest Egyptian parchment. We have the grandest of times. We tell stories, laugh at old jokes, and revel in each other’s captivating company.

For just a few moments, I lay aside my responsibilities, and become my girls’ best friend.

Because I know that childhood is only…for just a few moments

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Sharon said...

Yes, that definatly was fun! I really enjoyed it!
Thanks, Mom; you're the best mother I could ever wish for!!!

Loving you,
now and forever,
your daughter,