Friday, November 3, 2006

Thinking, and Seeking, and Praying...

Lately I’ve been listening to a sermon by Dr. S.M. Davis on “Passing Your Values Onto Your Children.” I say, I’ve been listening to it, because I listen to messages dealing with homemaking and child training while I am in the bathroom getting ready for my shower, and after I get out. It takes time, maybe a week or so, but I at least get to listen to something that can impact my life during those brief moments in a day which could be wasted.

Anyway, the message has really been getting me thinking. Dr. Davis deals with the importance of leading our children to understand the “why’s” of life. I feel there is a real lesson for me in there somewhere, dealing with the things I’ve been thinking about lately, and hence, writing about.

I've been seeking the Lord, and asking Him for wisdom in this area. I feel this is an extremely important issue for today. When I solidify my thinking a bit more in this area, I will pass along what I am learning. Hopefully, it can be a blessing to all of us!

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