Monday, November 13, 2006

The Blessing of the Lord

I thought I’d let you soak on the good news for awhile before I went on with some deep subjects.

The Lord has been good to me, in allowing me to make some nice savings on groceries. I did some internet searching, and found, a place which will match local sales with local coupons. I tried the trial subscription, and found that I saved about $44.00 in coupons in just the first week! This is my fouth week now, and I saved $43.04 in coupons! I’ve been averaging in the upper $40’s and last week, actually hit the $50.00 mark! I know that’s not big time like some folks, but it is a real blessing to me.

I’ve been paying less, and bringing home more. By maxing the savings, my pantries are slowly getting more and more full. I used to go shopping every week at Walmart, and spend about $150.00 every week, take it home, and have it all consumed within the next week! Then I’d go to the store again, and do it all over, only to have it eaten up by the next week. (That’s not difficult when you have 7 children at home, 3 of them teens, to feed.) Well, now, I’m spending approximately $20-30 less, and slowly building up my reserves, so that in time of need I’ll have something to make.

I also desire to have enough to feed soldiers who come for dinner on Sundays, without feeling like I’m sacrificing a lot. I have enough ketchup now, that if a guys comes who likes ketchup on everything, it’s not going to make any difference. What a blessing this has been to me!

It has also been a lot of fun, going through the store and seeing what I can find cheaply. As I heard someone say before, it can be very addicting.

“The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and He addeth not sorrow to it.”

P.S. I hadn't thought of it before now, but if you sign on to and you tell them I recommended you, I can get some free weeks!

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