Saturday, April 29, 2006

Years ago - about 18 years ago, to be exact - the Lord put writing on my heart. At that time, I was a young mother with two small children, and I felt I knew a lot. I understood, however, that every profession requires a time of apprenticeship, and I knew that I would need to spend years in the "school of hard knocks" in order to be effective. Well, these 18 years have gone by, and I have been passing the time writing in a journal, studying, reading, and of course, rearing my own family. The Lord has blessed us with 7 children, and I have learned so much. My oldest, my beloved daughter, will be marrying a godly young man this summer, and the Lord has impressed on me - Write! Now is the time! And so, with my husband's blessing, I have begun.

There have been many fears that beset me along the way, to try to discourage my from writing. One of those fears has been that I know that whatever I write has probably been written by someone else, only better. However, the Lord has shown me that we are in a generation that "knows not God," and many have propbably never heard some of the things I will write.

The other main fear is that many of the things I write about are struggles I have. After all, who wants to hear about someone else's struggles when they have enough of their own? And who wants to hear advice from someone who is not perfect? But, again, the Lord has shown me that everyone has struggles, and sometimes it is easier to take advice from someone that you know has been in your shoes.

May the Lord bless these feeble efforts!!

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