Friday, November 6, 2009

Please Pray...

We are all very saddened by yesterday's tragedy at Fort Hood. Please pray for the families involved, as this is a very difficult thing for them. Though we are not there, our hearts are there, and we wish we could be there to help.

I was chatting with an Army Airborne wife this evening, and she expressed her sentiments very plainly. "My husband just got back from Iraq, and It would be a complete and utter tragedy to have him survive the war in Iraq just to die at the hands of a terrorist here."

Friends, these military men and their spouses know that every day could be their last, and they have come to grips with their own mortality. We thank God for those who are willing to take these risks so that we could be safe and free. A special thank you goes to all you who protect us, and for all the spouses who have given up "normal" in order to serve the country.

As you pray for the military, please pray for my husband. He injured his back the other day, and the pain has gotten excruciating, and he needs help just to get around. I was able to take him to the doctor today, who said that it is probably a bulging or slipped disk. I know it is very painful. The injury is also keeping him from making the contacts he needs to make here at Fort Bragg, so please pray for a speedy recovery.

Thank you!

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