Sunday, August 29, 2010

He's That Kind of Man

I've been blessed by being able to visit my daughter and her husband these past few days, and have been able to enjoy the grandkids. How wonderful it is to be here to be with them for a bit! I'm so thankful the Lord has allowed me spend some time with them.

My son-in-law is now the pastor of the church, and he's doing a really great job. He may be young, but he's got a definite idea of what the Lord wants him to do, and he's heading that direction. Saturday, he hosted a youth rally at his church (we got to sing, and my hubby preached!), and two folks trusted Christ as their Saviour. I've really enjoyed hearing him moderate the meetings, and especially I got a blessing out of his preaching.

But the real blessing was not in the pulpit, but on the street. He drives the church bus to pick up kids for church, and of course has a schedule to keep, being the pastor and all! This morning, however, he was driving the church bus picking up children when he saw a car with a flat tire along the side of the road. "It was a mother with two small children," he said later, "so I went ahead and pulled over to help them."

So, with the clock ticking away, Pastor was under a car, helping someone get back on the road again. Unfortunately, the spare tire was rusted onto the frame of the vehicle, so he just took them to their destination - another church! I can only imagine how difficult that must have been, to help someone with only minutes to spare, knowing that there would be no recompense for his service. (Reminds me a bit of a Bible story...)

Now he was running late, covered with dirt, grime and rust. He arrived at the church, dove into the shower, changed, ran out and taught Sunday School! That's the kind of man my daughter married.

People around here know that if they need help, he's that kind of man. If they need someone to pray for them, he's that kind of man. And if they need someone to point them to Jesus, he's that kind of man.

Thank you, Matt, for being sensitive to the Lord - for being that kind of man! We thank God for you!

By the way, we'll be visiting with the grandkids (and their parents!) for the week! You'll hear about it later! ;)

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