Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Paramedic

I’ve always wanted to do something to help people.

Sensing I lacked confidence as a young child, my older sister went to great - and quite comical, I might add - lengths to help bolster my self-assurance. I didn’t realize it at the time, but she planned a number of strange “accidents” so that I could rescue her from certain doom.

One time, we were riding our bikes through the neighborhood, when she slowed down, pulled closer to the curb, and then suddenly flung herself off her bike and into the grass! Rolling a few times, she yelled, “Oh! Lis! Help! Help!”

Instantly becoming the paramedic, I swung the bike around, raced to her side and quickly examined her for broken bones. Within a few minutes, I had my patient up and about, and carefully helped her back home, where I got her all comfortable on the couch. Her gratefulness was almost without bounds, and later, she rewarded me with one of the most precious awards I ever got: a foil-covered cardboard trophy! It gave me the confidence I
needed throughout the years ahead.

Throughout the years, the Lord has enabled me to meet many, many people. Lots of the folks I have met are very precious believers who have successfully trained their children to serve the Lord. These people are now grandparents, and today their children are training their own children in the way of the Lord.

Now, I’ve heard it said that the greatest proof of your parenting is not how your children turn out, but how your children are training their own children! In other words, we know we have passed on our godly values only inasmuch as our children have embraced them and are passing them on to the next generation.

My desire is to help young parents have concrete methods based on the evidence of the scriptures and proof of experience. The positive experiences of those that have successfully trained godly young people holds more weight than any opinion in the world. You may have your opinion; I’ll take the proven method.

I’ve always wanted to do something to help people.
But instead of being a bike-riding paramedic, the Lord has given me many stories of godly parents to tell.

So, young parents, fear not! The older generation will tell their godly parenting secrets.

Stay tuned.

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mumofsix said...

Looking forward to it!! Your "paramedic" skills have been a great blessing to me many times over. I am sure God will bless your willingness to share.