Monday, March 28, 2011

The Successful Experiment

We do a lot of really bone-headed things when we are young. Take, for example, the “experiment” my brother and I conducted by the pool when we were seven and nine.

We were taking turns throwing each other into the pool (it didn’t take much to amuse us,) when I came up with the idea. Don’t ask me what made me think of it. Perhaps chlorine has a bewildering effect, or maybe the sun’s rays were making me reckless. Either way, what happened next forever changed the layout of my face.

“What would happen in you threw me into the pool, but didn’t let go?”

Ric looked at me blankly. “Uhhh… I dunno,” he sagely replied. “Let’s try it and see!”

I suppose you could call our experiment a success, if you consider the Emergency Room visit and stitches as proof. But, success or not, I gained a whole whale of experience.

We learn from our mistakes. But we don’t have the opportunity to back up and start over. In parenting, if we make a mistake, it is emblazoned in the memory of several people, including our child. That’s why we must listen to the voice of experience – those that have successfully trained their children to adulthood to be happy, productive, and godly grownups.

What are some insights we gain from listening to successful parents?

  • Their experience provides solid evidence that the Bible way is the best way.

  • Of course, the Bible is true, no matter what our experience is, but I submit to you that those who have followed the Bible way have proven God’s Word for themselves, leaving a blazoned path for the rest of us to follow.
  • Their experience, coupled with the testimony of their adult children who are living for God, provides solid evidence that we can raise godly children in our current culture.
  • Their experience gives us ideas that we can implement with confidence, knowing that it WORKS!

Not listening to the voice of experience is almost as bone-headed as throwing someone into the pool without letting go!

We all make bone-headed mistakes when we are young, but don’t let parenting be one of them. We can’t fix a life with a few stitches.

It reminds me of the time I “experimented” with going down steps on crutches…................but that’s another story!

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