Friday, May 5, 2006

Bridal Shower

Though it almost made it to being a surprise, Kathryn found out about the Bridal Shower just a few minutes before arriving at the church where it was hosted. Ah, the "blessings" of younger siblings! She was, however, very pleased, and I think was still somewhat surprized.

We had a great time. There was food, a beautiful two-tiered cake, a fountain with lights, and of course all the decorations. Presents were everywhere! Such kind people the Lord has blessed us to know.

The devotional Mrs. Harvey gave this evening was such a blessing, also. She spoke simply, from the heart, and also from much experience. She is the kind of godly older woman that we all can look up to and learn much from.

I have heard of Bridal Showers of worldly people who have had wicked games, ungodly discussions, and gifts shown before all that are only meant to be seen in private. It is refreshing to be in a Bridal Shower where lewd things are not brazenly discussed.

The purity and sanctity of marriage is at stake when we take the wonderful and precious things of marraige and treat them as base, lewd things. There can be no room for compromise in these areas in the life of a godly Christian, for to do so would cheapen our own relationships. I am thankful that my daughter and her fiance recognize the dangers in flirting with worldly atitudes.

Long live the godly home and the pure marriage!!

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