Tuesday, May 9, 2006

The Importance of Communication

My husband likes to take me out to lunch once a week, if possible, so today he took me to a great buffet in town. We had such a nice time, talking, laughing, reminiscing, and just being together.

The Lord has blessed us with a sweet daughter who will be getting married in a month and a half, and, since I have a great desire to be able to call her when she disappears to far-off Michigan, and our current phone contract is up, we decided to go to another cellular phone place and change carriers. This phone service will allow me to call her mobile to mobile for free – unlimited talk time. And, I also was able to get a camera phone – which means that when the Lord begins blessing us with grandchildren, I’ll be able to see them!

All this is relatively expensive, but communication is so important, I am ready and willing to pay the price! What relationship can survive without healthy, loving communication?

We need to do whatever is in our power to communicate to our families. They need to know we love them! Hopefully I will be writing on this more later, but suffice it to say, they need focused, real, and consistent expressions of love. May the Lord help us to that end!

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