Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our 25th Wedding Anniversary

Yes, folks, it’s true. Twenty five years ago today, My Beloved and I “tied the knot,” pledging ourselves to each other before the Lord and a bunch of people. For our Silver Anniversary, we have some big plans! Wanna hear what I’m gonna do?
First, since my hubby still has to work this evening, I’m going to take him to work and drop him off. Then, (don’t tell!) I’m planning on taking the car through a car wash, and then writing “STILL MARRIED, 25 YEARS!” all over it. I’m also going to the salon to have my hair done, and I may do some shopping… all without the kids, of course! That gives me time to get a nice card and a gift, and other goodies.
When he gets off work at 9:30, my, will he be surprised! Then the fun begins!
We are heading south (to an undisclosed location), and will be “away” till early next week, so if you don’t hear from me for awhile…you’ll know I’m “pleasantly occupied.”
I’ll be back…eventually!

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Katie Karpenko said...

Happy 25th Anniversary! I think the idea of writing “STILL MARRIED, 25 YEARS” is SO great!!!! I love it!!!! Have a wonderful honeymoon and God bless you both for the NEXT 25 years ahead! =) HAVE FUN!!!!!!