Friday, January 16, 2009

We're Back!

Yes, folks, I am back, but, I must admit, I am terribly spoiled. My Beloved took such good care of me, opening the door for me all the time, keeping me well supplied with good food, and letting me get lots of rest. I’m having a bit of trouble readjusting from being Princess to being Queen!

We had a GREAT time! On Friday, went to the beach at Corpus Christi, collecting shells and watching the different kinds of wildlife. Then on Saturday, we toured the USS Lexington. The Floating Museum was very well done, and we enjoyed exploring all by ourselves. Sunday found us at church, of course, but we also added a game of bowling! Amazingly enough, we both got the same score: 106!

We are very thankful for our safety, as well as the safety of the children back home. I hear nothing but rave reviews from all quarters as to how well Sharon took care of the house and the little ones. It’s quite a job for me, let alone for a 14-year old! I was afraid that maybe I would find the kids duck-taped to the wall or something, but they were happy, well, fed, and clean when I got home! Hat’s off to Sharon, for a job well done!

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Kristy Howard said...

I just LOVE this idea… I’ll have to remember it when our 25th rolls around (we just celebrated #7). Your daughter, Sharon, shared your blog with me and I thought I’d drop by and say hello. )

A fellow Texan, Mama, and Blogger,

Kristy @ Homemaker’s Cottage