Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blowouts, Bedlam, and Being Blessed

Yesterday we had a trailer tire blow out on us as we were driving to Big Spring. After Kev checked it out, he came in and said, “OK, this is what we do in this situation. Since we have three more tires on the trailer, we will take off the Expedition and the bad tire and drive the rest of the way separately.” Soooo… I finished up making dinner while he took the tire off and then drove the Expedition the 35 miles into Big Spring (which, by the way, was Big SpringS at one time until the government decided to try to harness the springs and ended up blocking all but one…)

We got in to the church at 6:15, and discovered two very important things: 1) they had no suitable hookup, and 2) it was actually a MEETING!! By this time, it was 6:35, and they very kindly took us out to an RV park 9 minutes away from the church, and some of us weren’t even dressed yet! Needless to say, panic and bedlam ensued, but my husband did a great job of presenting the ministry and preaching. We sang “I’m blessed,” and “What Love.” It all was a bit hollow without the boys, though.

Anyway, my husband is on his way back from getting 4 new load-range E tires for the trailer. he Lord has been so good to us, to take care of us as He does.

I’ve spent most of today prepping and staining the door frames to the shower and toilet room. They look really nice, except…. Some of the stain got under the masking tape I put on the wallpaper! Ugh! I don’t know what I’m going to do about that. We'll hafta see.

Tomorrow we are planning on polyurethaning. I have several volunteers!

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