Thursday, June 11, 2009

Scary! But God is Always in Control!

It’s been a busy time here at the Rolling Raub Ranch. We are rolling our way across the USA pretty quickly, so we’re not gathering any moss, I hope.

We’ve had our share of adventures this week already so far, with the breakdown on Sunday night, and the fire on Tuesday. Yesterday was fairly uneventful, though we drove about 4 hours. That’s the way I like it.

Tuesday’s adventure actually occurred while my husband and I were out to lunch. Sharon was preparing lunch for the kids when she accidentally bumped the knob on the stove, causing it to turn on without her knowing it. Unfortunately, there was lunch-makins on the stove, which promptly caught fire. Even more unfortunately, she panicked and turned the propane higher instead of off! By this time, the flames were about a foot high, and Sharon finally turned the gas off and threw water all over the stove. Thank God the fire went out before it got any further!!

It was at this point that My Beloved and I pulled up. Little kids came running out saying incomprehensible things very excitedly, so we decided to go in and find out what was going on. I went in and found Sharon all quivery and nervous, and I figured it must have been pretty scary! Praise God that He watches over our little ones when we can’t.

I find it amazing that, when we follow God, though the difficulties are supremely difficult, the blessings are “out of this world!” I realize many times I write of the difficulties, and I really shouldn’t do that, at least not at the exclusion of the blessings. However, I think we’ve been an encouragement to several folks, and that in itself is a blessing. My desire is to pour out the oil, and let God refill me and use me as He sees fit.

Please pray that the Lord will put His Hand on the making of some Military Missions Training DVDs that my husband is recording this week. Time is short, and there is much to be done!

By the way, if you want more gorey or juicy details about the fire or the breakdown, Sharon's blog is very good!

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Lydia said...

Yep, that was scary! All of us were terrified...