Saturday, June 19, 2010

Busy, busy

Having only 5 days 'till blast-off, I am constantly finding more things that need done than I can possibly do! Today I want to stay home and clean the house, wipe down surfaces of the bus, and load schoolbooks, but I think I need to run to town and do some errands. And it doesn't help that "town" is 40 minutes away!

All of this is right on the heels of some important thoughts I've had about busyness. Busyness is the enemy of relationships. As ladies, we have an uncanny ability to develop some very powerful relationships...if we take the time. It is imperative that we develop strong relationships with our children, since that is the key to passing on our values and propelling them into God's Will in their lives. Having a strong, vibrant relationship with God is paramount, and can only be obtained through meditation, confession, and prayer.

Why don't we have such strong relationships? We are simply too busy. I've been asking God to help me examine my schedule and my list of priorities and ruthlessly eliminate busyness from my life. I want to walk with my children, laugh with my husband, and breathe deeply of the fresh air of the great outdoors. I long to have times of quiet where I can hear the still, small voice of God.

I so desperately need Him, and many times I am too busy to notice...

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