Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Heels from a different perspective...

T-minus 9 days and counting! (I think I wrote 9 days a few days ago...I don't know what I was thinking, but I know it was late! Sorry!)

Yesterday we had some friends over for dinner, and today is more cleaning. I'm trying to get the house fairly deep cleaned before I go, so I can come back to a half-decent place some day.

It's a busy week this week, with lots of cleaning, gathering, and visiting. We're trying to visit all the people we wanted to while we were here, but I think there still may be some left out. I hope not, but it's hard to squeeze it all in, especially when the departure date has moved up a bit.

Here's an interesting thought for anyone who cares:

I've been doing a little research on how high heels affect walking, posture, and a person's image, and I came up with some interesting things. Some people are obsessed with appearance, and it is those folks who provided me with my most insightful facts.

Don't read this if you're timid:

(This is from the Transgender Today site, on the impact high heels makes on appearance)

Lets face it, high heel shoes are not the most practical invention ever created. So why do they have such a dedicated following? You could say that if you have to ask, then you just don't get it. There are however, specific reasons for the attraction. It is a well known fact that wearing high heel shoes makes the foot appear smaller, elongates and slims the appearance of a womans legs, and at the same time her altered stance forces her breasts up and makes her rear end protrude 25% more. This position is also forcing the foot into a tiptoe position (the "courtship strut") which is known to be a sign of availability in several animal species. This presents signs of both availability and submissiveness due to the wearers forced attention to balance and required shorter stride. The foot is also put in an arched position that many women find is similar to during sex. The high heel shoe elevates the wearer as if they have been put on a pedestal. This gives the woman an increase in confidence not only because of several inches added to her height, but because high heels will get her significantly more attention, and even the act of putting them on will make them feel more sexy. There is an unusual balance of power and weakness in the wearing of high heels. The high heel shoe is the only object to gain the highest level of popularity in the fetish world. This is partly due to the fact that high heel shoes are like works of art in themselves, like small sleek curvy exotic sexy sculptures. They have always been in style, despite what some trendy fashion magazines may say, changing their minds every few months. Clothing items don't have the visual fetish appeal without the wearers body filling out the curves, but shoes stand on their own as coveted fetish objects. There are countless people who collect exotic high heel shoes worldwide. As a sculptor of giant and miniature high heel shoe sculptures, I find that my shoe sculptures get the most attention from the press and shoe devotees around the world. It also seems that red is by far the most popular fetish shoe color, but thats a whole different story. Bruce Gray http://www.tgtoday.com/makeupandfashion/highheels.html

Well, folks, makes me think a little about what's in the closet. How about you?

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Anonymous said...

HI! I thought this a very good article and definitely gives something to think about. I personally have never really stopped to think about what shoes do, so I appreciate this post! God Bless You and your Family!