Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Trip To Kathy's, Day 1

The Lord allowed me to fly up to Escanaba, Michigan for a few days to help Kathy with her newborn baby, and get to visit for a bit!  I had a tremendous time, and while I was gone, I wrote detailed emails to the family about what I did.  I will be posting some of those letters for a few days, and some pictures, about my trip.

Right now I'm riding in a shuttle bus, a white stuffy thing loaded with soggy, smelly people, on my way from the Iron Mountain Airport to Escanaba.  The sun has just set, and I'm getting tired.  I've been sitting in these cramped seats all day, it seems to me, going from one plane to another, then to the bus.  But it's been a really neat trip.

When you all left me at the airport, I took my bright purple bag and checked in right away, and then went right in to security.  It took just a few minutes to get through security, but I must admit, it's hard to look like you know what you're doing when you've never been there before, and never traveled by yourself before.  It's not difficult, though, since I'm so used to being in unfamiliar places.  

I got to my gate and then waited for a while, then boarded what I think is a DC-9.  Nice, comfy jet.  Takeoff was tremendous, and I don't think I will ever get over the wonder of flying.  Would you believe that all the houses and all look just like Google Earth?  I couldn't believe it!!  We flew up above the lower cloud layer, and then there was a higher cloud layer, which was completely gorgeous with its anvil tops and puffy cumulus piles.  The pilot carefully wound the plane around these fluffy obstructions, and maneuvered us to Detroit.  It seemed like only a few minutes, and we were back on the ground.

At the Detroit terminal, I walked to my next gate and discovered that my flight had been cancelled!!  Thankfully, I wasn't the only one, so I chatted with another passenger who was also headed for Escanaba, and discovered that I was to go to another gate.  Of course, that gate was all the way across the airport, at lease it seemed to be.  On the way, I walked on a flat conveyor belt, almost like an escalator, but it stays level, propelling folks along a very long hallway.  I estimated that by walking on it, I could go somewhere around 6 or 7 mph - faster than I run!  It was a really neat feeling to be going that fast, while only walking.

I got to the gate, just to be sent back to the original gate!  Aargh!  So, I got treated to another walk on the moving sidewalk, and arrived at the gate with just enough time to grab a sandwich, wolf it down and use the bathroom before boarding time.  Of course, they didn't board right away, so I waited for a bit, but not long.

My next flight was uneventful as well, although I went to Iron Mountain instead.  I was completely amazed by the view of the ground from the air.  I don't think I could ever get tired of it.  I was counting pools, when I saw a large field, and what must have been a radio controlled airplane flying around!!  It must have been HUGE, because we were at least 1000 feet up, and I could still see it plainly.  Or is it plane-ly??  :)

That brings us up to now.  We should be getting to Escanaba soon.  Kathy asked me if I could sing tomorrow, so I'm going to do He Loves Me Like I Was His Only myself!!  Hopefully it will be a blessing; it’s one of my favorite songs.

I think I see the lights of Escanaba, so I'm going to go!  

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